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Psychology Diplomas

With our psychology diploma, you’ll explore how psychologists use evidence to contribute to debates on  prejudice, obedience to authority, learning, perception and eyewitness testimony. You could complete your diploma in as little as two years and if you decide to continue your studies you can count the credit gained towards a future honours degree.

Psychologist and patient in discussion

Diplomas of Higher Education (6)

  1. Diploma of Higher Education in Psychology
  2. Diploma of Higher Education in Computing & IT and Psychology
  3. Diploma of Higher Education in Criminology and Psychology
  4. Diploma of Higher Education in Philosophy and Psychological Studies
  5. Diploma of Higher Education in Counselling
  6. Diploma of Higher Education Open

Foundation Degrees (1)

The same level as a Diploma of Higher Education, often with a more practical focus. If you live or work in Scotland, we’ll usually offer an equivalent Diploma of Higher Education.

  1. Foundation Degree in Counselling

Other Psychology courses