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Developing nursing practice

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This practice-based module has a balance of theory and practice as you develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to practice safely to deliver person-centred care as a registered nurse or registered nurse associate with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). You'll be supported by a practice tutor for practice learning and an academic tutor for theoretical learning. You'll also be supported by a practice supervisor and assessed by a practice assessor and a practice tutor/academic assessor tutor, who all contribute to helping you develop your skills and competence in academic study and academic study to become an independent learner. You’ll need to be employed in a health and care setting and have the support of your employer, working a minimum of 26 hours per week to complete the 770 practice hours required to pass the module.

What you will study

This is a 45-week practice module that sits alongside Understanding nursing knowledge and theory (KYN210) where the focus of learning is on the theoretical concepts that inform nursing practice as part of the BSc (Hons) Nursing.

You will study this module regardless of your chosen field of practice: Adult, Children and Young People, Learning Disabilities, or Mental Health. This module builds from Stage 1 which introduces you to the broad principles underpinning nursing practice in accordance with Future Nurse: standards of proficiency for registered nurses (NMC 2018) or the Standards of proficiency for nursing associates (NMC 2018).

This module focuses on practice-based learning. You will be supernumerary in practice and work under direct or indirect supervision of a registered nurse or other health care professionals (a Practice Supervisor). Your practice learning will take place within the NHS or other health and social care settings. You will be supported by module tutors in online facilitated groups of 20 students with the aim of creating a sense of togetherness to discuss and reflect on concepts informing practice. Learning in practice will be with the support of OU practice tutors/academic assessors, practice supervisors and practice assessors.

You will learn

This practice-based module is designed to increase your knowledge, understanding and skills across health and social care relating to all four fields of nursing. It provides opportunities for you to develop deeper insights to the field of practice relevant to your workplace as you progress towards preparation for registered practice.

Entry requirements

This module is not available for standalone study. It is open only to students on a nursing qualification who are sponsored by their employer.

To study this module you should have:
  • satisfied the entry requirements for the qualification (Maths and English)
  • registered on the BSc (Honours) Nursing (any field of practice)
  • normally completed the two OU level 1 modules Introducing health and social care (K102/KYN(L)102) and Introduction to health care practice (K104/KYN(L)104) or demonstrate equivalent
  • met the NMC entry requirements; demonstrated good character and health status through self- declaration; enhanced criminal disclosure; occupational health screening; review of previous sickness and absence; two references, one from current employer.

If you have any doubt about the suitability of the module, please speak to an adviser.

What's included

Online learning materials and resources, practice assessment document, five online learning guides and accompanying resource materials.

You will have access to a website, through which teaching and library resources are available that provide links to current information and relevant research-based materials relating to module content.

Teaching and assessment

Support from your tutor

You will have a tutor who will help you with the study material, and mark and comment on your written work, and whom you can ask for advice and guidance. Your tuition is delivered online so contact with your tutor will be through email and online discussion forums, although phone communication may also be used.

Your module work is not the only area where you receive support. You will develop professional practice skills at the same time as theoretical knowledge in order to foster the integration of theory and practice. During your practice experiences you will have qualified practice supervisors and practice assessors to support, supervise, and assess your clinical skills and practice.

You will be supported by:

Module Tutor – will guide you through the study materials, mark and comment on your written work and provide advice and guidance through email, online tutorials discussion forums and by phone.

Practice Supervisor – will support and supervise you in the development of your practice and contribute to your record of achievement and proficiencies within your Practice Assessment Document (PAD).

Practice Assessor – will work in collaboration with your practice supervisor to conduct assessments to confirm your achievement of proficiencies and programme outcomes for practice learning.

Practice Tutor/Academic Assessor – takes an overview of your practice learning development and will support the practice supervisor and practice assessor in preparing for completing  practice assessments and in the verification of your achievements in your PAD.

Contact us if you want to know more about study with The Open University before you register.


The assessment details for this module can be found in the facts box.

There is a Practice Assessment Interview (PAI) that is completed during practice learning. The end-of module-assessment (EMA) consists of an assignment and completion of your Practice Assessment Document (PAD).

If you have a disability

The OU strives to make all aspects of study accessible to everyone and this Accessibility Statement outlines what studying KYN211 involves. You should use this information to inform your study preparations and any discussions with us about how we can meet your needs.

Future availability

Developing nursing practice starts three times a year – in March, June and October.

This page describes the module that will start in October 2024, March 2025 and June 2025. We expect it to start for the last time in June 2028.

Course work includes:

2 Tutor-marked assignments (TMAs)
2 Interactive computer-marked assignments (iCMAs)
End-of-module assessment