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OU level 2 STEM modules

Title OU Level Credits
Algorithms, data structures and computability (M269)OU level 230
Analysing data (M248)OU level 230
Applying sport and exercise sciences to coaching (E236)OU level 260
Astronomy (S284)OU level 230
Brain, mind and mental health (SK298)OU level 230
Cell and molecular biology (S296)OU level 230
Change, strategy and projects at work (T227)OU level 230
Changing geographies of the United Kingdom (D225)OU level 260
Chemistry in life: food, water and medicines (S248)OU level 230
Cisco networking (CCNA) part 1 (TM257)OU level 230
Communication and information technologies (TM255)OU level 230
Concepts in chemistry (S218)OU level 260
Core engineering A (T271)OU level 230
Core engineering B (T272)OU level 230
Critical ideas in wellbeing and public health (K212)OU level 260
Design essentials (T217)OU level 260
Design for engineers (T218)OU level 230
Earth science (S209)OU level 260
Electronics: sensing, logic and actuation (T212)OU level 230
Energy and sustainability (T213)OU level 230
Environment and society (DD213)OU level 260
Environment: sharing a dynamic planet (DST206)OU level 260
Environmental management: systems and sustainability (T220)OU level 230
Environmental science (S206)OU level 260
Human biology (SK299)OU level 230
Infection, immunity and public health (SK297)OU level 230
Investigating human health and disease (S290)OU level 260
Investigative approaches in biology and chemistry (S285)OU level 230
Living psychology: from the everyday to the extraordinary (DD210)OU level 260
Managing IT: the why, the what and the how (TM254)OU level 230
Mathematical methods (MST224)OU level 230
Mathematical methods, models and modelling (MST210)OU level 260
Mechanical engineering: heat and flow (T229)OU level 230
Object-oriented Java programming (M250)OU level 230
Physics: from classical to quantum (S217)OU level 260
Planetary science and the search for life (S283)OU level 230
Practical modern statistics (M249)OU level 230
Psychology of childhood and youth (E219)OU level 260
Pure mathematics (M208)OU level 260
Remote experiments in physics and space (SXPS288)OU level 230
Sport and exercise psychology in action (E235)OU level 260
The biology of survival (S295)OU level 230
Web technologies (TM252)OU level 230