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OU level 3 STEM modules

Title OU Level Credits
Advancing social psychology (DD317)OU level 360
Applications of probability (M343)OU level 330
Applied statistical modelling (M348)OU level 330
Astrophysics of stars and exoplanets (S384)OU level 330
Athletic development: a psychological perspective (E312)OU level 360
Biological science: from genes to species (S317)OU level 360
Chemistry: further concepts and applications (S315)OU level 360
Cisco networking (CCNA) part 2 (TM357)OU level 330
Communications technology (TM355)OU level 330
Complex analysis (M337)OU level 330
Computational applied mathematics (MST374)OU level 330
Cosmology and the distant Universe (S385)OU level 330
Counselling and forensic psychology: investigating crime and therapy (DD310)OU level 360
Data management and analysis (TM351)OU level 330
Deterministic and stochastic dynamics (MS327)OU level 330
Earth processes (S309)OU level 360
Electromagnetism (SM381)OU level 330
Electronics: signal processing, control and communications (T312)OU level 330
Environment: responding to change (SDT306)OU level 360
Environmental management 2 (T319)OU level 330
Environmental policy in an international context (DD319)OU level 360
Evaluating contemporary science (S350)OU level 330
Further pure mathematics (M303)OU level 360
Geology and sustainability (S319)OU level 330
Graphs, games and designs (MST368)OU level 330
Infectious disease and public health (SK320)OU level 330
Innovation: designing for change (T317)OU level 360
Interaction design and the user experience (TM356)OU level 330
IT systems: planning for success (TM353)OU level 330
Learning and doing algebra (ME322)OU level 330
Learning and doing geometry (ME321)OU level 330
Mathematical methods and fluid mechanics (MST326)OU level 330
Mathematical statistics (M347)OU level 330
Mathematical thinking in schools (ME620)OU level 330
Mechanical engineering: computer-aided engineering (T329)OU level 330
Nanoscale engineering (T366)OU level 330
Public health: health promotion and health security (K310)OU level 360
Quantum physics: fundamentals and applications (SM380)OU level 330
Renewable energy (T313)OU level 330
Science project course: environmental science practical project (SXE390)OU level 330
Science project course: geosciences (SXG390)OU level 330
Science project course: radiation and matter (SXP390)OU level 330
Science project module: biology (SXB390)OU level 330
Science project module: chemistry (SXC390)OU level 330
Science project module: health sciences (SXH390)OU level 330
Signals and perception: the science of the senses (SD329)OU level 330
Software engineering (TM354)OU level 330
Structural integrity: predicting and assessing performance (T367)OU level 330
Terrestrial ecosystems (S397)OU level 330
The engineering project (T452)OU level 330
Web, mobile and cloud technologies (TM352)OU level 330