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Professional Certificate in Legal Practice: SQE1 - Learning outcomes

Educational aims

The professional certificate in legal practice provides you with the opportunity to develop  functioning legal knowledge aligned to SQE1. By the end of your studies you will have had the opportunity to study a range of topics covered in SQE1, apply your legal knowledge to real life scenarios and gain experience in answering multiple choice questions.

Learning outcomes

When you complete your studies for this qualification, you will have demonstrated your competence in each of the following areas:

Knowledge and understanding

On completion of this qualification, you will have knowledge and understanding of:

  • a range of the concepts, values, rules, principles and procedures of the legal system of England and Wales as outlined in the SQE1 Assessment Specification
  • ethical and professional conduct matters as they relate to practice as a solicitor in England and Wales
  • the range of funding options available to clients and their implications for access to justice
  • the role of technology in legal practice.

Cognitive skills

On completion of this qualification, you will be able to:

  • apply fundamental legal principles and rules appropriately and effectively to realistic client-based and ethical problems and situations, identifying gaps in your own knowledge.
  • identify relevant facts through effective listening and reading techniques.
  • work confidently with multiple choice questions which test functioning legal knowledge.

Practical and/or professional skills

On completion of this qualification, you will be able to:

  • identify, retrieve and evaluate legal information from a range of electronic and other sources
  • provide effective advice which is informed by appropriate legal and factual analysis and identifies the consequences of different options
  • demonstrate awareness of the commercial nature of legal practice and its implications for legal professionals and clients
  • identify and respond appropriately to an issue of professional conduct.

Key skills

On completion of this qualification, you will be able to demonstrate the following skills:

  • communicate relevant ideas clearly, accurately and succinctly in language appropriate to the intended audience
  • comprehend and process a range of textual, numerical and statistical information.

Teaching, learning and assessment methods

You’ll learn independently, using the following types of material provided by us.

  • Online teaching materials provided through our website.
  • Online readings from other sources such as textbooks, practitioner books, articles and websites which we will direct you to from the online teaching materials.

We’ll support your learning with:

  • self-assessment questions and activities, included in the teaching texts
  • feedback and guidance from a tutor; online module workshops
  • email and online moderated forums
  • module and qualification guides
  • a dedicated qualification website which includes induction materials, information about the qualification, information about SQE1 and a dedicated forum to interact with other students
  • dedicated qualification online sessions which will include employability events, information events about SQE and lectures from those already in practice as a solicitor.

We’ll assess your learning with:

  • multiple-choice interactive computer-marked assignments (iCMAs)
  • tutor-marked assignments (TMAs)
  • end-of-module assessments (EMAs) which may comprise a portfolio of activities completed throughout the module which focus on the practical professional elements of the modules.