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Accessibility Statement for Renewable energy (T313)

Mode of study

Approximately half of this module’s study materials are online. Online materials are composed of pages of text with images, audio/video clips up to 21 minutes in length (all with transcripts/subtitles), some diagrams, and interactive self-assessed questions. Online materials also include links to external resources, online forums and online tutorial rooms. The printed textbook is also available as a talking book.

Tuition strategy

This module has online tutorials. Although not compulsory, tutorials will help you choose your project topic and guide you towards a successful submission of each of the three pieces of assessment.

Mathematical and scientific expressions and notations

Mathematical and scientific symbols and expressions are used throughout the module and you will be required to use such notation within assessment. Most of the formulae used are practised within the two assignments as well as the final End-of-Module Assessment (EMA) – your project.

Diagrams and other visual content

The study materials contain diagrams, graphs, technical specifications and photographs. Reading and interpreting these is an important part of the study of this module and is assessed. An example might be interpreting an industrial specification for energy output from a wind turbine. Figure descriptions are provided for all figures.

Finding information

You may be required to search for, and make use of, third-party material online and this is assessed in specific questions in the assignments. Alternatives for required material can be provided to enable you to meet the Learning Outcomes of the module.


This module has tutor-marked assignments (TMAs) and an end-of-module assessment (EMA) that you must submit via the online TMA/EMA service. In the EMA, you might have to insert graphs (from Excel) or screenshots of figures into Word.


You will receive feedback from your tutor on your submitted Tutor-Marked Assignments (TMAs). This will help you to reflect on your TMA performance. You should refer to it to help you prepare for your next assignment. This module does not provide feedback for the End-of-Module Assessment (EMA).


All University modules are structured according to a set timetable and you will need time-management skills to keep your studies on track. You will have access to a detailed weekly calendar and you should balance your work on this module with any other modules you are taking as well as your other commitments.

Specialist software

This module uses specialist symbols, such as energy units like kilowatt hours, which are not covered by standard accessibility tools. The software may not be fully accessible as a result and some students use a helper to work with them to produce results for the assignments. The module also uses spreadsheets in Excel to calculate and plot various results.

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