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Accessibility Statement for The computing and IT project (TM470)

Mode of study

All of this project module's guidance notes and resources are online. There are no teaching materials. Guidance notes and resources are composed of pages of text and include links to external resources, online forums and online tutorial rooms. You will draw on a range of sources (technical papers, books, manufacturers’ literature, and the internet) to investigate your topic. You will need to spend considerable amounts of time using a computer and the internet.

Tuition strategy

You will also be responsible for choosing your own topic, carrying out the project and writing it up, with the help of a supervisor to advise and guide you.

Practical work

The amount of online practical work you will undertake depends entirely on your choice of project.

Finding information

You will be required to search for, and make use of, third-party material online that you will use in your project. These resources depend entirely on your choice of project.


This module has tutor-marked Assignments (TMAs) and an End-of-Module Assessment (EMA) that you must submit via the online TMA/EMA service.


You will receive feedback from your tutor on your submitted Tutor-Marked Assignments (TMAs). This will help you to reflect on your TMA performance and use this feedback to carry on with your project. You should refer to it to help you prepare for your next assignment or to write the final report, the EMA.


All University modules are structured according to a set timetable and you will need time-management skills to keep your studies on track.

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