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Accessibility Statement for Law making in Scotland (WXM151)

Mode of study

All of this module’s study materials are online. Online materials are composed of pages of text with images, audio and video clips of 2-5 minutes long (all with transcripts/subtitles), and diagrams. Online materials also include links to external resources and online forums.

The Law in Scotland OpenLearn course that forms part of the module includes audio and video clips of up to 15 minutes long.

Tuition strategy

There are no learning events for this module. Study Advisors (and the Module Team) will be available to answer student queries via a forum and telephone. There is additional support for YASS students via advisors based in the nation office in Edinburgh.

Working with others

You are not required to work with other students on this module. As stated above an online forum will be made available. You are encouraged to make use of them to ask questions throughout your study of the module.

Diagrams and other visual content

The study materials contain diagrams and photographs. Figure descriptions are provided for all figures.

Finding information

You are required to undertake some independent research (find a recent media report relevant to your studies). You may be required to make use of third party material online.


This module has an End-of-Module Assessment submitted online. The assessment requires students to undertake a short piece of independent research and write a reflection on their studies. If you are concerned about any aspects of assessments, please contact us for advice on alternative assessments and support. YASS students will be offered guidance by the YASS team in the Nation Office.


Feedback will be provided on the End of Module Assessment.


All University modules are structured according to a set timetable. The module website contains details of what you need to achieve and by what dates. You will need time-management skills to keep your studies on track. 

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