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Stage 1 introductory modules

Title OU Level Credits
An introduction to business and management (B100)OU level 160
An introduction to health and social care (K101)OU level 160
An introduction to law (W101)OU level 160
Andante: beginners' Italian (L195)OU level 130
Beginners' Chinese (L197)OU level 130
Bon départ: beginners' French (L192)OU level 130
Business and finance fundamentals in practice (BXM191)OU level 130
Career development and employability (T122)OU level 130
Communication skills for business and management (LB170)OU level 130
Design thinking: creativity for the 21st century (U101)OU level 160
Discovering mathematics (MU123)OU level 130
Engineering: frameworks, analysis, production (T193)OU level 130
Engineering: origins, methods, context (T192)OU level 130
English for academic purposes online (L185)OU level 130
Environment: journeys through a changing world (U116)OU level 160
Essential mathematics 1 (MST124)OU level 130
Exploring languages and cultures (L161)OU level 130
Exploring perspectives on young children's lives and learning (E109)OU level 160
Foundations for social work practice (K113)OU level 160
French studies 1: language and culture of the French-speaking world (L112)OU level 130
Fundamentals of accounting (B124)OU level 130
German studies 1: language and culture of the German-speaking world (L113)OU level 130
Introducing English language studies (L101)OU level 160
Introducing statistics (M140)OU level 130
Introducing the social sciences (DD102)OU level 160
Introduction to childhood studies and child psychology (E102)OU level 160
Introduction to computing and information technology 1 (TM111)OU level 130
Introduction to computing and information technology 2 (TM112)OU level 130
Introduction to criminology (DD105)OU level 160
Introduction to sport and fitness (E117)OU level 160
Law: concepts and perspectives (W102)OU level 160
Learning and teaching in the primary years (E103)OU level 160
Making your learning count (YXM130)OU level 130
Management practice (B123)OU level 130
Portales: beginners' Spanish (L194)OU level 130
Questions in science (S111)OU level 160
Rundblick: beginners' German (L193)OU level 130
Science and health: an evidence-based approach (SDK100)OU level 160
Spanish studies 1: language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world (L116)OU level 130
The arts past and present (AA100)OU level 160
Vivace: intermediate Italian (L150)OU level 130
You and your money (DB125)OU level 130
Young children's play and creativity (E110)OU level 160