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All courses in Health Sciences

Explore all the undergraduate qualifications we offer, from certificates through to diplomas and degrees, in health sciences.

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Honours Degrees (5)

  1. BSc (Honours) Health Sciences
  2. BSc (Honours) Healthcare and Health Science
  3. BSc (Honours) Combined STEM
  4. BSc (Honours) Public Health and Wellbeing
  5. BA/BSc (Honours) Open degree

Diplomas of Higher Education (3)

  1. Diploma of Higher Education in Health Sciences
  2. Diploma of Higher Education in Combined Professional Studies
  3. Diploma of Higher Education Open

Foundation Degrees (1)

Foundation degrees often have a practical focus. We offer an equivalent Diploma of Higher Education, more appropriate if you live or work in Scotland.

  1. Foundation Degree in Combined Professional Studies

Certificates of Higher Education (3)

  1. Certificate of Higher Education in Health Sciences
  2. Certificate of Higher Education in Healthcare with Health Science
  3. Certificate of Higher Education Open

Open University Certificates (2)

Add a health sciences qualification to your CV with our 60-credit 1-year health sciences certificate.

  1. Certificate in Health Sciences
  2. Graduate Certificate in Public Health