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All modules in Arts and Humanities

Choose from modules giving you a broad introduction to the arts and humanities, or focus on a particular subject ranging from art history to philosophy.

Sculpture at Chatsworth House

Arts and Humanities modules

OU level 1

  1. Discovering the arts and humanities
  2. Cultures
  3. Revolutions
  4. Design thinking: creativity for the 21st century
  5. Exploring languages and cultures
  6. French studies 1 (intermediate)
  7. German studies 1 (intermediate)
  8. Introducing English language studies
  9. Spanish studies 1 (intermediate)
  10. English for academic purposes online

OU level 2

  1. Exploring innovation and entrepreneurship
  2. International development: making sense of a changing world
  3. Art and visual cultures in the modern world
  4. Exploring philosophy
  5. Exploring religion: places, practices, texts and experiences
  6. Music, sound and technology
  7. Understanding music
  8. Creative writing
  9. Design essentials
  10. Early modern Europe: society and culture c.1500-1780
  11. Exploring the classical world
  12. Reading and studying literature
  13. The British Isles and the modern world, 1789–1914
  14. Classical Latin: the language of ancient Rome
  15. Exploring art and visual culture
  16. Design for engineers
  17. English in the world

OU level 3

  1. Key questions in philosophy
  2. Why is religion controversial?
  3. Central questions in the study of music
  4. Advanced creative writing
  5. English literature from Shakespeare to Austen
  6. Innovation: designing for change
  7. Literature in transition: from 1800 to the present
  8. The Roman empire
  9. Art and its global histories
  10. Europe 1914-1989: war, peace, modernity
  11. Language and creativity
  12. The making of Welsh history

Access modules

  1. Arts and languages Access module
  2. Arts and languages Access module: fast track
  3. Science, technology and maths Access module
  4. Science, technology and maths Access module: fast track

Short courses

  1. Digital photography: creating and sharing better images
  2. Discovering Wales and Welsh
  3. Media, politics and society
  4. Reading the screen: an introduction to the art of film
  5. Introduction to creative writing
  6. Travel writing
  7. A story of documentary film
  8. Sound systems in popular music: from Jamaican dub to stadium rock
  9. Dolly Parton: music, identity and culture
  10. Computer audio: sound and music in the digital world
  11. Film and the environment
  12. Storytelling with video editing