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Top tips for studying while commuting

Finding time to study isn't always as hard as it seems. We asked our students for their hints and tips on finding time to study.

Read their advice on fitting study into commuting time.

Student reading on a train
Peter, OU graduate

One of the biggest challenges of OU study is fitting it around full time employment and family life. I used to fit in reading during my commute and the traffic jams in the evenings are a great opportunity to read a chapter or so of a book while the bus goes nowhere.

Peter, MA History

Read on public transport

Study doesn't always have to be in large chunks, if you can just squeeze in an hour after work or read something on the train home it all adds up.

Sarah, BA (Hons) Business Studies

I also use the journey to work in the bus to read.

Graham, OU student

I studied a bachelors degree and at the time I used public transport. I used to read while in the Underground and trains, as well as my lunch time.

Maria, OU student

Listen to audio materials in the car

I would quite often record myself reading my notes and played it back to myself in the car. Sometimes when you're working full time, you don't want to come home and do fours hours of studying, so if you can do smaller chunks here and there it does add up.

Chloe, BA (Hons) Business Studies

Use all your dead time; driving, walking, in the bath/shower, cooking dinner etc. - to listen to your audio materials or French/Spanish/German radio stations.

Jane, BA (Hons) Modern Languages

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