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Top tips for making time for you

Finding time to study isn't always as hard as it seems. We asked our students for their hints and tips on how they made time to study.

Read their advice on the importance of also making time for yourself.

I think it is important to take one day off to refresh the mind. I know that you may feel you cannot afford to do it but you do need some downtime. Go for a run, take time to look at the world around you, it is worth taking the time out.

Graham, OU student

Get the right balance

Don't forget 'me' time - life isn't all about study, don't forget your friends and family.

Peter, OU graduate

One very important advice from my first tutor was think of it as a marathon not a sprint...[It] requires a good balance between your life, sport, family, job, studies, sleep etc. Keeping a smooth pace but regular pace has done the job for me.

Laurent, MBA

I take 2 hours everyday and then settle for an hour watching TV or craft work to help relax. It's important to keep to a schedule and build in an extra spare day i.e Sunday, so that if you are behind you can catch up by the end of each week.

Paula, OU student

Plan some study-free days

I've been studying with OU for the last 4 years and in my final year now. I work full time 3 long days and days off are the study time, full of distractions unfortunately, therefore, I do a bit at a time throughout the day, and one day at the weekend is the time for myself to do what I like!

OU student

Studying for an OU degree while working full time is a challenge. However it can be done. Studying for me was around the TMA submissions, but needed the weekends to write them. Tried to take a weekend off a month, usually after submitting the TMA to clear my mind for the next one!

Karen, BA (Hons) English Literature

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