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Top tips for studying during lunch breaks

We asked our students for their hints and tips on how they found time to study. Read their advice on using lunch breaks to study.

Having a youngish family means that finding the time to study and finish assignments at home can be challenging. I’ve used time during my lunch breaks to prepare the things I’ll need to reference or read later so I am more efficient when I sit down to study at night.

Richard, Professional Certificate in Management

Could you read during your lunch break?

I studied for a BSc in Psychology between 2011 and 2015 while also working full time and, for the first 2 years, being a single parent. It's all about working in 'slots' and utilising what is usually empty time such as lunch-breaks, waiting at the doctors, and school pick-up as well the obvious times of evenings and weekends. Try to maintain a constant rather than do nothing for a couple of weeks and then be swamped!

Joh, OU graduate

I forced myself to take a lunch break from my busy job every day and thankfully had park benches near me I could eat my lunch & read on each day.

Sarah, OU graduate

Make a plan for assignments, studied in lunch hour at work, on holidays by the pool and read whenever you can. Enjoy though, worth it in the end!

Diana, BA Social Science

Or use it to plan an assignment?

Pick a subject that interests you. It may seem obvious but it's easier to hit the books if you are genuinely interested in the topic. Try and schedule set times and places to study. A half hour reading back over your notes each lunch break is an excellent wee addition to 'proper' study time.

Lawrence, BSc (Hons) Social Sciences with Social Policy and Sociology

Working full time meant that every possible opportunity to study had to be taken. Travel to work, lunch break, evenings, weekends.

Steven, MEng

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