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All modules in Social Sciences

Our social sciences modules provide introductions and detailed investigations of psychology, social policy and criminology, geography and environment, politics and international studies, economics and sociology.

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Social Sciences modules

OU level 1

  1. Economics in context
  2. Environment: journeys through a changing world
  3. Global challenges: social science in action
  4. Introducing the social sciences
  5. Introduction to childhood studies and child psychology
  6. Introduction to criminology
  7. Law making in Scotland
  8. Science and health: an evidence-based approach
  9. You and your money
  10. Young children's play and creativity

OU level 2

  1. Economics in practice
  2. Environment and society
  3. Environment: sharing a dynamic planet
  4. Essential economics: macro and micro perspectives
  5. Exploring childhood and youth
  6. Exploring religion: places, practices, texts and experiences
  7. Introducing global development: poverty, inequality, sustainability
  8. Investigating philosophy
  9. Living psychology: from the everyday to the extraordinary
  10. Psychology of childhood and youth
  11. Understanding criminology
  12. Understanding digital societies
  13. Understanding politics: ideas and institutions in the modern world

OU level 3

  1. Advancing social psychology
  2. Approaches to mental health
  3. Contemporary research with children and young people
  4. Crime, harm and the state
  5. Doing economics: people, markets and policy
  6. Europe 1914-1989: war, peace, modernity
  7. Exploring legal boundaries
  8. International relations: continuity and change in global politics
  9. Law, society and culture
  10. Modern political ideas
  11. Signals and perception: the science of the senses
  12. Why is religion controversial?
  13. Young lives, parenting and families
  14. Environmental policy in an international context

Access modules

  1. Psychology, social science and wellbeing Access module
  2. Psychology, social science and wellbeing Access module: fast track

Short courses

  1. AI language technology in the workplace