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Manga, The British Museum

Francesca Benatti, Research Fellow in Digital Humanities I recently visited the Manga exhibition at the British Museum (23 May-26 August 2019), the largest of its kind ever to take place outside of Japan. Manga is the name commonly applied to Japanese … Continue reading

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Voices from the Past: Peterloo and New Historical Fiction

It’s exciting to hear that Hilary Mantel’s novel The Mirror and the Light will be published in March 2020. Like many thousands of historical fiction fans, I am impatient to see how she concludes her epic trilogy about the life … Continue reading

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‘An Agreement Born of Impossible Conversations’: Imagine! Festival of Ideas and Politics, Belfast, 25-31 March 2019

  Patricia Ferguson, PhD student, English Literature I have taken as my title this arresting phrase with which the poet Matt Kirkham, writing in ‘The Belfast Agreement: Twentieth Anniversary Issue’ of Irish Pages, sums up the Good Friday Agreement, an … Continue reading

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Reflections on Critical Thinking in Italy, France and Scotland

Judith Gorham former MAED (Applied Linguistics) student Critical thinking is a term much bandied about. Undergraduate and postgraduate degree course programmes tend to include it in their aims, though how this plays out differs. We know it when we see … Continue reading

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Inspiration in the Third Space

Marielle Meulenberg, Former Masters Student, Applied Linguistics, WELS   “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” While inspiration nodded its acknowledgement, anxiety reared its ugly head to taunt me on a regular basis. I had … Continue reading

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Thinking Aloud: Ethical Research

Shafquat Towheed, Senior Lecturer in English [Image 1: The Africa Museum, Tervuren, Belgium] ‘In a very few hours, I arrived in a city that always makes me think of a whited sepulchre’, said Conrad’s Marlow about his return to Brussels … Continue reading

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On writing a diary of literary terms

Richard Jones, Lecturer in English Literature Daisy, I say, it’s time to put you in a blog post. Not likely, she says and starts to squeeze out of it. I don’t mind this. The whole point of the blog post … Continue reading

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Reading as a writer: ‘Offshore’

Sally O’Reilly, Lecturer, Creative Writing As creative writing academics, we constantly remind students about the importance of ‘reading as a writer’, and in my own reading I sometimes wonder to what extent this should be a conscious process, and to … Continue reading

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‘Of These and Other Worlds’: Reflections on the C. S. Lewis Festival, Belfast

Patricia Ferguson, PhD student, English Literature Saturday November 3 is described in the brochure as ‘The Day of Magical Thinking’, but it seems to me that we were privileged to enjoy a whole week of magical thinking. The title of … Continue reading

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The Book as Cure: Bibliotherapy and Literary Caregiving from the First World War to the Present

Jenny Cattier PhD student, Anglia Ruskin University When I saw the conference programme for The Book as Cure: Bibliotherapy and Literary Caregiving from the First World War to the Present, I genuinely could not believe my luck.  As a creative … Continue reading

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