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All courses in Science

Explore all the undergraduate qualifications we offer, from certificates through to diplomas and degrees, in science.

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Honours Degrees (20)

  1. BSc (Honours) Biology
  2. BSc (Honours) Chemistry
  3. BSc (Honours) Geology
  4. BSc (Honours) Physics
  5. BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences
  6. BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences (Astronomy and Planetary Science)
  7. BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences (Biology)
  8. BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences (Chemistry)
  9. BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences (Earth Sciences)
  10. BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences (Environmental Science)
  11. BSc (Honours) Natural Sciences (Physics)
  12. BSc (Honours) Mathematics and Physics
  13. BSc (Honours) Environmental Science
  14. BSc (Honours) Environmental Science (Environmental Management)
  15. BSc (Honours) Geography and Environmental Science
  16. BSc (Honours) Health Sciences
  17. BSc (Honours) Healthcare and Health Science
  18. BSc (Honours) Sport, Fitness and Coaching
  19. BSc (Honours) Combined STEM
  20. BA/BSc (Honours) Open degree

Integrated Masters (2)

An integrated masters combines undergraduate and postgraduate study.

  1. Master of Environmental Science
  2. Master of Physics

Diplomas of Higher Education (10)

  1. Diploma of Higher Education in Biology
  2. Diploma of Higher Education in Chemistry
  3. Diploma of Higher Education in Geology
  4. Diploma of Higher Education in Physics
  5. Diploma of Higher Education in Natural Sciences
  6. Diploma of Higher Education in Environmental Science
  7. Diploma of Higher Education in Health Sciences
  8. Diploma of Higher Education in Sport and Fitness
  9. Diploma of Higher Education in Combined Professional Studies
  10. Diploma of Higher Education Open

Foundation Degrees (1)

Foundation degrees often have a practical focus. We offer an equivalent Diploma of Higher Education, more appropriate if you live or work in Scotland.

  1. Foundation Degree in Combined Professional Studies

Certificates of Higher Education (6)

  1. Certificate of Higher Education in Natural Sciences
  2. Certificate of Higher Education in Environment
  3. Certificate of Higher Education in Health Sciences
  4. Certificate of Higher Education in Healthcare with Health Science
  5. Certificate of Higher Education in Sport, Fitness and Management
  6. Certificate of Higher Education Open

Open University Certificates (4)

Add a science qualification to your CV with our subject-focused certificates.

  1. Certificate in Astronomy and Planetary Science
  2. Certificate in Physics
  3. Certificate in Health Sciences
  4. Professional Certificate in Chemistry

Science modules

OU level 1

  1. Contemporary topics in science
  2. Environment: journeys through a changing world
  3. Physics and space
  4. Questions in science
  5. Science and health: an evidence-based approach
  6. Science: concepts and practice
  7. Working with people in sport and fitness

OU level 2

  1. Astronomy
  2. Brain, mind and mental health
  3. Chemistry in life: food, water and medicines
  4. Chemistry: essential concepts
  5. Earth science
  6. Environment and society
  7. Environment: sharing a dynamic planet
  8. Environmental science
  9. Human biology
  10. Investigating human health and disease
  11. Investigative approaches in biology and chemistry
  12. Physics: from classical to quantum
  13. Planetary science and the search for life
  14. The biology of survival

OU level 3

  1. Biological science: from genes to species
  2. Chemistry: further concepts and applications
  3. Earth processes
  4. Electromagnetism
  5. Environment: responding to change
  6. Environmental management 2
  7. Environmental policy in an international context
  8. Evaluating contemporary science
  9. Exploring contemporary issues in sport and exercise
  10. Infectious disease and public health
  11. Mathematical methods and fluid mechanics
  12. Quantum physics
  13. Science project course: environmental science practical project
  14. Science project course: geosciences
  15. Science project course: radiation and matter
  16. Science project module: biology
  17. Science project module: chemistry
  18. Science project module: health sciences
  19. Signals and perception: the science of the senses
  20. Terrestrial ecosystems

Access modules

  1. People, work and society Access module
  2. Science, technology and maths Access module
  3. Science, technology and maths Access module: fast track