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Business and Management
short courses

Develop your career in business and management, including marketing, leadership, strategy, finance and more, with our online microcredentials and continuing professional development (CPD) short courses.


Build in-demand career skills and knowledge in 10–12 weeks.

Business and leadership microcredentials

Women presenting to colleagues at work

Agile leadership and management

Develop Agile Leadership skills to support your professional development and lead highly engaged teams in the 21st century.

Young women studying at her desk

Business management: financial accounting for non-financial roles

Develop your accounting skills and knowledge to interpret financial statements, measure business performance and assess financial health.

Person working at a desk using a calculator

Business management: fundamentals of management accounting

Develop your accounting skills and knowledge to help you make better business decisions and achieve your professional goals.

Colleagues looking at laptop screens in a meeting

Business management: improving organisational practice

Grow your management skills, adapt to change successfully, and have a positive impact on the performance of your organisation.

Man presenting to colleagues at a notice board

Business management: marketing principles and practice

Learn how to apply key marketing techniques to enhance your performance and make better business decisions.

Colleagues laughing in a meeting

Business management: people management and leadership

Gain critical people management and leadership skills to support your organisation and boost your career.

Workers discussing sticky notes on a kanban board

Business management: project management

Develop the skills and knowledge you need to lead or contribute to successful projects, and take your career to the next level.

Flock of birds in the sky

Climate change: transforming your organisation for sustainability

Develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to lead change for sustainability in your organisation.


Short courses

Start anytime, learn at your own pace, and earn a certificate upon completion.

Workplace essentials short courses

Office workers meeting around a desk

Collaboration skills for the workplace

Consider your own approach to collaboration and explore collaboration within organisations.

Workers using virtual reality headsets

Creative thinking for the workplace

Reflect on your creative journey, and learn new tools, skills and approaches to add value to organisations.

Office workers in an open-plan office

Behavioural insights for the workplace

Learn how and why people interact in different ways and how this contributes to the successful working of organisations.

Two men having an argument

Organisational behaviour in the workplace

This course focuses on interactions in and around organisations, and the variety of environments that organisations network with.

Women giving a lecture

The impact of storytelling in business

In this course, you'll consider aspects of storytelling at the personal, organisational, and social levels.

Women using a computer

Communication skills in the digital world

Explore changes in the way we communicate in the digital era and the tools to make more effective communications.

Home automation screen

An introduction to artificial intelligence

Examine historical, ethical and social issues around Artificial Intelligence technology.

Women touching a computer screen

AI language technology in the workplace

Explore Language Technology, a rising form of Artificial Intelligence, and its impact in our working lives.


Workforce development short courses

Warehouse workers in conversation

Developing team leader skills

Learn various techniques to develop teamworking skills and understand the challenges of teamworking in ever-changing environments.

Office workers sitting around a board table

Leadership in the digital world

Explore aspects of leadership and the importance of effective leadership in a digital era.

Manager coaching a co-worker

Introduction to business and workplace coaching

This is ideal if you've little or no coaching experience and want to use coaching to develop people, ensure wellbeing and enable performance.

Workers high fiving each other

Developing a coaching culture

Develop your people, their wellbeing and the organisation you work in using a coaching approach.


Finance in the workplace short courses

Worker in a framing shop

Managing a budget

Learn how to use financial techniques in managerial decision-making and become more confident about dealing with finance professionals.

Women working in a cafe

Evaluating financial performance

This course deals with performance measures that can be calculated from information in published and audited financial statements.

Man looking at a computer screen

Understanding financial statements

Develop a general knowledge of financial reports and accounting concepts to understand the uses of financial statements.


Strategy, planning and agility short courses

Workers collaborating in a retail store

Developing a purpose driven approach in the workplace

Develop the skills to reflect on your working life and contribute more effectively to your organisation's strategic direction.

Women writing on a whiteboard

Developing strategy to manage uncertainty

This course will teach you what a strategy is, who can be a strategist and how to develop a strategic mindset.

Women working in a coffee shop

Managing uncertainty through monitoring and control

Learn about the importance of strategic monitoring and control systems to effective strategy implementation.

Office workers discussing a project on a whiteboard

Analytical thinking for problem solving

Develop the analytical and problem-solving skills needed to contribute effectively in organisations.

People taking part in a conference

Managing change in the digital world

Discover the different aspects of managing change and planning for change – even when the nature of the change is unknown.

Workers in a team meeting

Managing uncertainty through policy implementation

Discover why public policies and services have become so important and the relationship between policy and organisational life.

Woman talking to a group of office workers

Business agility foundations

Discover the essential elements of business agility and how it can improve performance, create efficient teams, and benefit organisations.

Man talking to a group of people

Business agility intermediate

Discover the frameworks and tools to help you develop business agility in leadership, culture, people, strategy, and governance.


Entrepreneurship short courses

Owner of a fashion store

Start your own business

Gain the knowledge and practical skills to turn your small business ambitions into reality.

Women talking to camera

Business design for the digital world

Learn the process of new business design and creation to deliver the right kind of value.

Customer in a retail store

Creating a successful and sustainable business

Learn about the approaches and methodologies for sustainable business and how to implement a sustainable impact for positive change.


Digital transformation short courses

Women presenting to colleagues in a meeting

Introduction to digital transformation

Learn how digital transformation works and the factors that impact an organisation’s successful transformation.

Colleague pointing something out on a co-workers laptop screen

Digital transformation foundations

Understand the core building blocks that are essential for successful digital transformation.

Women collaborating with colleagues

Digital transformation readiness

Discover how to implement strategic initiatives and develop your organisation’s readiness to transform.

Man collaborating with colleagues

Digital transformation performance

Drive the performance of digital transformation through measurement, innovation, iteration, and continuous improvement.

Women writing notes on a post-it note

Digital transformation design thinking

Learn how to use design thinking to improve decision-making, solve problems, and foster innovation as part of digital transformation.

Colleagues having a discussion

Data in digital transformation

Explore the role of data, artificial intelligence (AI), and the principles of data science for digital transformation.

Women using a 3D printer

Innovation for digital transformation

Develop your ability to innovate by generating creative ideas and putting them into action.

People looking at a virtual model of a car

Design thinking in the digital world

Learn what ‘design thinking’ is, how it can create value and explore how it is used.


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