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Penalty Shoot Out Game

By Caroline Heaney

As the World Cup approaches the possibility of the dreaded penalty shoot out looms, but as the England U17 squad showed recently when winning the European Championships on penalties, teams do not need to fear the penalty shoot out.

So what does it take to make the ‘perfect penalty’ in a penalty shoot-out situation? Try our penalty shoot-out game for a fun way to examine the science behind the drama of the penalty shoot-out.

Click here to play our penalty shoot-out game

Look out for a future post examining the penalty shoot out in a little more detail!

Staff Profile: Nigel Wright

Nigel has been an Associate Lecturer at the Open University since 2009 and has tutored a range of modules within the sport and fitness programme. He has also authored several of the study topics including:






E112 – Introduction to Sport, Fitness and Management
• Study Topic 4: Training for Sport and Fitness
E217 – Sport and Conditioning Science into Practice
• Study Topic 4: Exploring Core Stability
• Study Topic 5: Strength and conditioning
E313 – Exploring Psychological Aspects of Athletic Development
• Study Topic 3: The Coach-Athlete Relationship
E314 – Exploring Contemporary Issues in Sport and Exercise
• EMA topic Overview: How does ethnicity influence participation and performance in sport
E117 – Introduction to Sport and Fitness
• Study Topic 6: Eating to Win

In addition to his work at the Open University he has worked as a personal trainer and fitness manager. Nigel has also worked as lecturer in sport and exercise in further and higher education and as a manager of a sport and outdoor education department. Currently, he undertakes a range of consultancy roles such as the authoring, development and external verification of sport and fitness qualifications.