Video: Michael Johnson on early childhood specialisation

Is it better for children to focus on one sport or a range of sports? In this video Michael Johnson hears experts’ and athletes’ views on childhood specialisation.

Early specialisation is covered in our new module E314 starting in October 2016.


Note: This video is also available in the OpenLearn Chasing Perfection video collection

1 thought on “Video: Michael Johnson on early childhood specialisation

  1. John Curd

    Michael Johnson is my all time iconic legend and friend Denise Lewis.
    I have been a Marathon runner since 1985 115 Marathons. 101 half marathons and 4 10ks per year. I used to specialise in the Mile Inter Hospital events at school my events were 100m and later 400m my favourite distance. I think its safe to say its best to get a universal taste of sport then specialise. Therefore from choice your doing the sport you have chosen. John.M1002327.


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