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This is the first of three boxed sets of discs produced by the Open University for students of its course A314 from Baroque to Romantic: studies in tonal music.
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Module code and title: A314, From Baroque to Romantic: studies in tonal music
Item code: A314; SD1-4
Published: 1984
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Track listing:
track listing for this programme
Track 1 Disc one. Side one
Track 2 band 1. Sonata in G minor (Barenreiter) / Legrenzi
Track 3 band 2-5. Sonata in D Op.3 No. 2 / Corelli
Track 4 band 6. Concerto in E Op. 3 No. 12, 3rd movement. /Vivald
Track 5 band 7. 'Tis nature's voice / Purcell
Track 6 band 8. Passacaglia / Biber
Track 7 Disc one. Side two
Track 8 band 1. Cantata O Gottes Stadt / Buxtehude
Track 9 band 2. Chorale prelude 'Von Himmel hoch' / Bohm
Track 10 band 3. Prelude in C ('Prelude Fugue and Chaconne') / Buxtehude
Track 11 Disc two. Side one
Track 12 bands 1-6. Acis and Galatea / Handel
Track 13 Disc two. Side two
Track 14 bands 1-6. Acis and Galatea / Handel
Track 15 Disc three. Side one
Track 16 bands 1-4. Concerto Grosso in A Op.6 No.11 / Handel. bands 5-7. Organ Concerto in F Op. 4 No. 4 / Handel
Track 17 Disc three. Side two
Track 18 bands 1-6. Suite No.1 in G for unaccompanied cello / J.S.Bach
Track 19 bands 7-9 Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G / J.S.Bach
Track 20 Disc four. Side one
Track 21 bands 1-2. Prelude and fugue in E / Fischer
Track 22 bands 3-4. Prelude and Fugue in E / J.S.Bach
Track 23 band 5. Fughetta on 'Vom Himmel hoch' / J.S.Bach
Track 24 bands 6-10. Canonic Variations on 'Vom Himmel hoch' / J.S.Bach
Track 25 Disc four. Side two
Track 26 bands 1-4 Mass in B minor (excerpts) / J.S.Bach
Publisher: Open University
Subject terms: Music--17th century; Music--18th century; Bach, Johann Sebastian,--1685-1750; Biber, Carl,--1681-1749; Bohm, Georg,--1661-1733; Buxtehude, Dietrich,--1637-1707; Corelli, Arcangelo,--1653-1713; Fischer, Johann Caspar Ferdinand,--1656-1746; Handel, George Frideric,--1685-1759; Legrenzi, Giovanni,--1626-1690; Purcell, Henry,--1659-1695; Vivaldi, Antonio,--1678-1741
Production number: AUDA922A
Available to public: no