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Reflections on Critical Thinking in Italy, France and Scotland

Judith Gorham former MAED (Applied Linguistics) student Critical thinking is a term much bandied about. Undergraduate and postgraduate degree course programmes tend to include it in their aims, though how this plays out differs. We know it when we see … Continue reading

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Thinking Aloud: Ethical Research

Shafquat Towheed, Senior Lecturer in English [Image 1: The Africa Museum, Tervuren, Belgium] ‘In a very few hours, I arrived in a city that always makes me think of a whited sepulchre’, said Conrad’s Marlow about his return to Brussels … Continue reading

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Reading as a writer: ‘Offshore’

Sally O’Reilly, Lecturer, Creative Writing As creative writing academics, we constantly remind students about the importance of ‘reading as a writer’, and in my own reading I sometimes wonder to what extent this should be a conscious process, and to … Continue reading

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Light Documents: The Personal Inspiration for a Research Project

Patrick Wright PhD student, Creative Writing It has always struck me as peculiar that academics tend to conceal personal origins or motives for their research. More often than not our deep investment in a subject or area of study appears … Continue reading

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What is literature for? – and Why do I do what I do?

Sara Haslam, Senior Lecturer in English We’ve been asking the first question in my title for this blog post for many years in our department. In modules such as A300 Twentieth-Century Literature: Texts and Debates our teaching materials have explored … Continue reading

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Scholarship and Research

Suman Gupta Slightly out of focus The connotations of the word ‘scholarship’ have always been a bit fuzzy, especially in academia. The OED puts it between, on the one hand, ‘learning, erudition; the collective attainments of scholars; the sphere of … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Imagine! Festival of Ideas and Politics, Belfast, 12-18 March 2018

Patricia Ferguson I have four days in Belfast and a whirlwind of events, and those are only a dozen chosen from more than eighty on offer, and of those dozen, space available here to discuss only four or five. First … Continue reading

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Expressive writing workshops in Iraq

Dealing with the past, imagining the future The effects of war stretch far beyond the battlefield. Many women who have suffered sexual violence in Iraq now find that the process of seeking justice through the legal system inflicts new trauma … Continue reading

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