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All modules in Business and Management

Choose from modules giving you a broad introduction to business and management, or focus on a particular subject ranging from accounting to strategy management.

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Business and Management modules

OU level 1

  1. An introduction to business and management
  2. Business data analytics and decision making
  3. Communication skills for business and management
  4. Discovering mathematics
  5. Fundamentals of accounting
  6. Introducing statistics
  7. You and your money

OU level 2

  1. Developing leadership
  2. Exploring innovation and entrepreneurship
  3. Shaping business opportunities
  4. Understanding customers
  5. Financial accounting in context
  6. Financial analysis and decision making

OU level 3

  1. Creating futures: sustainable enterprise and innovation
  2. Doing economics: people, markets and policy
  3. IT systems: planning for success
  4. Leadership in a changing world
  5. Marketing in action
  6. Strategic management

Access modules

  1. Science, technology and maths Access module
  2. Science, technology and maths Access module: fast track

Short courses

  1. Analytical thinking for problem solving
  2. Behavioural insights for the workplace
  3. Business agility foundations
  4. Business agility intermediate
  5. Business design for the digital world
  6. Chinese business culture essentials
  7. Collaboration skills for the workplace
  8. Communication skills in the digital world
  9. Creating a successful and sustainable business
  10. Creative thinking for the workplace
  11. Design thinking in the digital world
  12. Develop a purpose driven approach in the workplace
  13. Developing a coaching culture
  14. Developing strategy to manage uncertainty
  15. Developing team leader skills
  16. Digital marketing analytics and measurement
  17. Digital marketing content creation
  18. Digital marketing strategy
  19. Digital transformation foundations
  20. Email marketing eCRM
  21. Evaluating financial performance
  22. Innovation for digital transformation
  23. Introduction to business and workplace coaching
  24. Introduction to digital marketing
  25. Introduction to digital transformation
  26. Leadership in the digital world
  27. Managing a budget
  28. Managing change in the digital world
  29. Managing uncertainty through monitoring and control
  30. Managing uncertainty through policy implementation
  31. Online display advertising
  32. Organisational behaviour in the workplace
  33. Search marketing
  34. Social media marketing
  35. The impact of storytelling in business
  36. Understanding financial statements