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Open qualifications

Among the most flexible qualifications in the UK, our Open certificate, diploma and degree courses let you mix and match any subjects you like. Find out more about our Open qualifications.

Have you studied before?

If you’ve already completed some study at another university, you may be able to count it towards your Open University qualification.

Learn more about credit transfer

Are you an employer?

Get professional skills for your staff with our unique learning method.

Learn more about employers at the OU

Vocational qualifications

These nationally recognised qualifications are a great way to prove that you have the work-related skills you need for your job and are usually completed whilst in work.

Find out more about Vocational qualifications 


We do everything we can to help you succeed, even if it's years since you did any studying. Access modules will bring you up to speed which you may even be able to study for free.

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The Open University completely changed my life

"All those people that told me I can't – I've turned around and told them 'I can'." Anyone can study with the OU.

"They will always try to help's not as expensive as you think." Students discuss different ways to pay.

'Transformative', 'rewarding', 'fantastic' ...students tell us what it is like to study with The Open University.
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