Take your first step towards an MBA

The Open University has launched a new FutureLearn postgraduate program of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) which upon successful completion and combined with a linked OU assessment module will earn you credit towards our highly regarded Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

The program, created by the OU Business School, will enable you to develop your business, management and marketing skills to thrive in the digital economy. These online courses allow you the flexibility to study at your own pace, while having regular contact and input from mentors and fellow students.

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How it works

The program consists of four MOOCs. In order to complete the program you will need to:

  • Complete all of the MOOCs in the program, paying for an upgrade when offered this option on any MOOC. This entitles you to access the tests, which can lead to a Certificate of Achievement.
  • Please note, a Certificate of Achievement is awarded for a score of 70% or more in the tests – you only have one opportunity to take these tests, but you can delay taking them until you feel you are ready.
  • Successfully complete the Open University assessment module.

On successful completion of the Open University assessment module you will be awarded 15 credits towards our MBA. Visit our website to find more information on module fees, entry requirements and qualification regulations.

Registration on the OU Assessment Module is now open – more details can be found here. The fee for the assessment module will be £525.

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Eligibility for postgraduate loans (where applicable in your country)

The part-time postgraduate loan is designed as a contribution to the costs associated with a full master's course as opposed to a tuition fee loan to cover module fee costs. If the MOOC assessment module is being studied as part of an eligible master’s degree you would be eligible for a loan. You would be required to complete your registration in full, including payment of your fees, before loan instalments could be released to you by Student Finance England throughout the year.

There is no pro-rata support available where less than a full standalone master's course is undertaken, so the MOOC assessment module on its own would not be eligible for support.

Before you start you should also check:
  • That you meet the entry criteria of the qualification you intend to study.
  • The pricing of your proposed OU qualification in your home country.
  • Your eligibility for the part-time postgraduate loan if applicable.

The Digital Economy program

This program is ideal for you if you are a business professional with 3+ years’ experience, are seeking to step up to a role in senior management and considering MBA-level study to advance your career. The Digital Economy program is made up of four MOOCs:

  • Effective supply chain management
  • Success through market segmentation
  • Selling through customer insight
  • Finance for business growth.
Certificates of Achievement from all four MOOCs enable you to register for the assessment module and gain credit towards our MBA.

For more information on these courses visit FutureLearn.
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